Stunning Foam Sculptures for Indoor Spaces


Moving from flat sheets to voluminous objects, 2½ D is an exploration of foam forms for indoor spaces by Amsterdam / London based design studio I O I A. The research of volume and the nature of soft foams, translated into recognizable things with a fascinating twist. Surprising to the eye and confusing to the hand but a refreshing mix of lines, shapes, colors and coatings. Multiple characters with individual expressions start a dialogue with their surroundings. Exploring the boundaries of material and product design, the moment when object becomes space or surface. Hanging from the ceiling or draped from the wall. Material posters, monumental objects, act as room dividers and connecters & use the room in-between.

They have created open structures vs densed figures, curvy circles vs geometric grids, compositions that show the possibilities of industrial foams. This time the material gets the lead role, instead of being covered up or hidden from sight. A soft statement for the domestic and commercial landscape.





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