What Is The Cloudiest State?

What state gets the most days of sunshine?

ArizonaYuma, Arizona tops the list of places in United States with the most sun.

Generally it’s sunny in Yuma for 90% of the time from sunrise to sunset..

What state has the least sunshine?

The absolute least sunny county in the lower U.S. is Island County, Wash. On an average day, it gets only about 60 percent of the solar radiation of a typical county in Southern California. The states bordering the Great Lakes — from Minnesota to New York — are all at the bottom of the sunlight distribution.

What is the sunniest state?

The sunniest U.S. states are:Nevada – 5,296kJ/m^2.Texas – 5,137 kJ/m^3.California – 5,050 kJ/m^2.Colorado – 4,960 kJ/m^2.Oklahoma – 4,912 kJ/m^2.Kansas – 4,890 kJ/m^2.Utah – 4,887 kJ/m^2.Florida – 4,859 kJ/m^2.More items…

Where is the cloudiest place on earth?

TórshavnTórshavn, Faroe Islands is the cloudiest city in the world based on sunlight duration.

Is Seattle a depressing place to live?

Seattle was the saddest metro area in the nation last month, survey shows. Even in normal times, some people who live in Seattle start to feel down around this time of the year. The gray and drizzle has set in, and we can look forward to six more months of it. But 2020 is anything but normal.

What state has the best climate?

Which U.S. States Have The Best Climate Year Round?California. LA tops the list, and California has many other cities on the south and central coasts where the weather is pretty great all year round, such as Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and San Diego. … Hawaii. … Texas. … Georgia. … Florida. … South Carolina. … Delaware. … North Carolina.More items…•Dec 29, 2016

What is the coldest state in the US?

AlaskaAlaska leads the United States with the coldest temperature ever recorded, at -80. Of the continental states, Montana registered -70 in 1954 to lead the way. If you are looking to escape to someplace warmer, there is only one state to never have a negative temperature. Hawaii’s low is a balmy 15.

What is the driest state in the United States?

NevadaThe driest state in the USA is Nevada. It receives only about nine inches of rainfall per year.

What is the most rainiest month?

JuneHis conclusion is that June is, overall, most frequently the wettest month in the U.S. with 2,053 of the 8,535 sites reporting such. April, at the other end of the spectrum, reports only 76 sites of the 8,535 as their wettest month.

What is the cloudiest city in the United States?

PittsburghPittsburgh is the cloudiest U.S. city, according to worldatlas.com. Here’s a view of the city under a cloudy sky on Oct. 26, 2019. Here’s another Steel City superlative that you probably suspected: Pittsburgh is the cloudiest city in the United States.

What area in the United States has the least cloud cover?

Here in the USA, the desert southwest stands out for its lack of clouds. If you hate clouds, head for Yuma, Ariz., which typically sees sunshine about 90% of the time and only gets about 3 inches of rain a year, the data center reports. The USA’s cloudiest areas are the Pacific Northwest and around the Great Lakes.

What are the rainiest States?

Rainiest States in AmericaRankYearWinter1HawaiiHawaii2LouisianaMississippi3MississippiAlabama4AlabamaLouisiana6 more rows

What is the sunniest place on earth?

YumaYuma, Arizona takes the cake (and the Guinness World Record) as the official sunniest spot in the world with an average of 11 hours of sun per day, and with so much sunlight, the Southwestern city is a haven for the outdoorsy.

What US states are warm all year round?

Below are eight states that will make your winter warmer.Arizona. It’s hard to resist the idyllic landscapes, scenic splendor, tranquility and endless blue skies of Arizona. … 2. California. … Georgia. … Florida. … Nevada. … New Mexico. … South Carolina. … Texas.Sep 3, 2015

What state is always cloudy?

Outside of Alaska, exceptionally cloudy spots include Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, and coastal areas of Washington and northern Oregon….Days of Heavy Cloud.LocationDays a Year With Heavy Cloud% of DaysMt. Washington, New Hampshire24467Astoria, Oregon23965Quillayute, Washington239657 more rows

What US city has the best year round weather?

Best U.S. Cities for Year-Round WeatherOrlando, FL.San Diego, CA.Santa Barbara, CA.Santa Fe, NM.Sarasota, FL.Scottsdale, AZ.St. George, UT.Tacoma, WA.More items…•Jul 29, 2020

What is America’s sunniest city?

YUMASunniest cities in AmericaRankCity% of the year in sunshine1YUMA66.30%2PHOENIX57.81%3LAS VEGAS57.53%4BISHOP55.07%45 more rows•Jan 13, 2021

What is the hottest state?

FloridaFlorida ranks overall as the warmest state year round. The other state in the top four is Hawaii. The group of tropical islands ranks second to Florida as the country’s hottest state….Hottest States in America.Rank1YearFloridaWinterHawaiiSummerLouisiana9 more columns