What Do You Put In The Bottom Of A Guinea Pig Cage?

Can a guinea pig sleep with you?

You can sleep with your guinea pigs, but it is not a good idea to do so.

There are a few reasons for the same.

So if you sleep with your guinea pigs and they don’t have access to their food and water, then they might make a lot of noises, thus disturbing your sleep..

Should you cover a guinea pig’s cage at night?

Covering the whole cage at night can create problems and affect your guinea pigs breathing. That means that you should only cover part of their cage at night. This ensures that the cage remains properly ventilated while still letting in some light.

Do guinea pigs like to be in the dark?

Do Guinea Pigs Like the Dark? Yes, as your cavy’s nighttime antics would suggest, guinea pigs do like the dark.

Do guinea pigs get attached to their owners?

Guinea pigs generally enjoy the company of their fellow cavies. Although it is not a good idea to house too many of them in one cage, most guinea pigs appreciate having a companion. They definitely recognize and respond to their owners and are very interactive.

How do I stop my guinea pig from kicking out of bedding?

How to Prevent My Guinea Pigs From Throwing Bedding EverywhereChanging Filling Types. Many guinea pig owners use a loose cage filling that is sold at pet stores. … Cage Depth. Changing the depth of your guinea pig’s cage can work wonders for keeping your guinea pig’s cage filling inside their cage where it belongs. … Understanding Guinea Pig Behavior. … When Guinea Pigs Need More Filling.

What can I put on the floor of my guinea pig cage?

MAKE SURE THE FLOOR OF THE HABITAT IS SAFE. Provide absorbent bedding: CareFresh (paper bedding), kiln-dried pine or aspen shavings (never cedar), or fleece are three top choices for guinea pig owners. Paper or shaving bedding is generally used in combination with a newspaper lining.

Do guinea pigs like blankets?

Guinea pigs are very fond of and love soft materials. They love to have a blanket or pillow in their enclosure. You will likely be enticed to place similar items in your guinea pig enclosure for additional comfort.

What can I put under my guinea pig’s fleece cage?

Getting fleece liners for your guinea pigsYou can buy fleece cage liners from various manufacturers. … There are different materials you can use to create the absorbent layer: U-haul blankets, mattress protectors, old bath/beach towels, or disposable options such as puppy pads/incontinence pads or newspapers.More items…

What is the best substrate for guinea pigs?

Wood shavings are one of the most popular types of bedding for guinea pigs. There are two types of shavings that we recommend and these are kiln dried pine shavings and aspen shavings. Both aspen and pine shavings must be dust extracted and it is vital if you buy pine shavings that they are kiln dried.

How do I stop my guinea pig from burgling under fleece?

PREVENTIONBinder clips or clothespins. … Change your cage configuration, setting the grids on top of the bedding like in the image above. … Try a larger swath of fleece. … Place a heavy object over the edge. … Distract your pigs with a tent. … Provide additional hideaways to make them feel secure.More items…•Feb 15, 2014

What is the cheapest bedding for guinea pigs?

I’ve even ordered confetti-colored paper bedding because it was the cheapest choice. An even cheaper option, in the long run, is to use fleece. Lots of guinea-pig owners prefer to use fleece to line their cages because it’s reusable and they feel it’s more comfortable for their guinea pigs.

How often should I change guinea pig bedding?

Under the best of bedding circumstances, you’ll need to refresh midweek and full clean once a week. Sometimes, you need to refresh or clean every other day. Sometimes every 3 days. Some people clean every single day.

What can I use instead of coroplast for guinea pig cage?

7 Alternatives to Use Instead of Coroplast for Guinea Pig CagesSheets of linoleum.Shower curtains.Waterproof drop cloths.Thick plastic tablecloths.Waterproof mattress liners.Tarps.Moisture barricade underlayment.

Can I use cat litter for guinea pigs?

Cat litter is not safe for guinea pigs; it will be harmful to their health if you choose the wrong litter. Guinea pigs and cats are different creatures, and the cat litters are not designed for guinea pigs, these are only for cats.

What bedding is bad for guinea pigs?

Bedding made from cedar or pine wood shavings has a pleasant smell that can mask odors caused by your guinea pig’s urine. However, cedar and pine shavings can be highly irritating to a guinea pig’s respiratory system and can cause an allergic reaction that can manifest in a chronic skin problem.

What is the best bedding for guinea pig cages?

The best bedding for guinea pigsAspen bedding. … Unscented, large granule/strand paper pellets. … Natural paper bedding. … White, unbleached paper bedding. … Crumble paper bedding. … Soft paper granules. … Confetti paper bedding. … Hemp bedding.More items…•May 16, 2020

Can I cover my guinea pig’s cage with a blanket?

In winter covering your guinea pig’s cage is a good idea because it may be too cold for them to put up with. … If you use the room their cage is in a lot, then it may be good to cover their cage with a thin blanket or fabric or whatever you have for it. This is so it is dark and feels natural for them.

How often should you let your guinea pig out of its cage?

twice a dayGuinea pigs need time outside of the cage each day for at least an hour, though twice a day is best. If possible, take them out at dawn and dusk, when cavies are most active.

How do guinea pigs show affection?

Guinea pigs do a good bit of licking. … A guinea pig might also lick their person’s fingers/hand, which can be a sign of affection — after all, that’s how guinea pigs show affection to one another. Or the guinea pig might just like the taste of a person’s skin.

How cold is too cold for a guinea pig?

Do guinea pigs get cold? Yes, and rather easily, too. They cannot handle temperatures much below 60 F. They also overheat, and cannot tolerate temperatures that exceed 80 F, either.

Can guinea pigs be left alone for 2 days?

Guinea pigs do well on their own for a day or two, provided that: they won’t run out of hay. they won’t run out of water.