How Do You Mail A Charcoal Drawing?

Does Hairspray seal pencil drawings?

To preserve your little treasure’s artwork, a fine mist of hairspray over the child’s drawing will “fix” the medium.

It works best for unstable mediums such as chalk, pencil, and pastels which can easily smudge..

Can hairspray preserve charcoal drawings?

The answer is yes – you can use hairspray to set your charcoal drawing if needed, but you should use a professional fixative if you are serious about drawing. … Using a fixative or hairspray will help, as it will bind the charcoal granules that sit on the surface of the paper, together, which helps prevent smudging.

How do you email a drawing safely?

Follow these 10 steps to help safely ship a painting, art print or framed piece.Measure your artwork. … Select an appropriate shipping container. … Prepare your work surface. … Cover unframed artwork with glassine paper. … Protect glass or acrylic on framed artwork. … Protect the corners. … Wrap your artwork in bubble wrap.More items…•Oct 9, 2018

How do you send artwork through email?

Open your email application and choose the “Add Attachment” option. Select the desktop folder that contains your artwork and click “OK” or “Attach.” Finally, address your email and click send.

What do you spray on charcoal drawings?

Protect your charcoal, chalk, graphite, and pastel drawings by using a fixative spray. Fixative spray keeps surfaces from smudging, fading, and flaking after a work is complete.

Can you rub out charcoal pencils?

Charcoal pencils can be erased. It can even be easier than erasing graphite because charcoal contains fewer binders than graphite. … The kneaded eraser is a splendid option to erase charcoal with.

How do you protect charcoal drawings in sketchbook?

Five Ways to Prevent Sketchbook Smudges Attach a piece of masking tape to the top of the page only. This will prevent some smudging and keep the pages above the picture clean and fresh. Similarly, using a piece of glad wrap to cover your work in the same manner assists in preventing smudges to a large degree.

How do you use charcoal fixative?

Steps on How To Apply Spray Fixative to ArtworkSelect the Fixative. Select a good quality commercial fixative, not hairspray. … Do a Test. Place a practice drawing on your easel or a propped-up board. … Get Rid of Loose Particles. Tap the easel or with a soft brush, flick away any large loose particles.Spray the Artwork. … Allow it to Dry. … Apply Second Coat.Apr 15, 2018

What is needed for charcoal drawing?

Drawing Materials List: CharcoalA stick of vine charcoal.Round sticks of compressed charcoal.A square stick of charcoal.General’s charcoal pencil.General’s white charcoal pencil.This is a tortillion. Leave this at the art store.This is a blending stump or “stomp.” Take this home with you!May 16, 2016

How do you seal charcoal drawings?

To stop charcoal sketches from smearing, one must use fixative spray. Use many light coats to avoid dust from the sketch. Instead of applying one heavy coat of fixative, it is best to apply multiple lighter coats. You need to hold the fixative about 2 feet away from the paper while you spray.

How do you protect charcoal drawings without fixative?

Protecting a Charcoal Drawing without Fixative When working with charcoal, it’s important that you purchase a triple mat frame as this helps make sure the charcoal doesn’t touch the glass, which can cause smearing and dislodge particles.

How do you make fixative charcoal?

Mix casein with (grain) alcohol and (distilled) water, in a 1:2:5 ratio. See here for more experiences (and likely some troubleshooting). And in case you have any shellac at home, you can try mixing it with isopropyl alcohol in a 1:4 ratio to create a shellac fixative3, which you can apply using a spray can.

Can you varnish over charcoal?

Rather than use a brush-on varnish (which would smear the charcoal anyway), you should use a spray varnish such as Golden Archival Spray Varnish or Lascaux UV Protect.